Line Production

  • VinverthFlamber Bulb Informercial
    Tasked with the launch of a new product into the industry, that would revolutionize the way the product line is seen. We created a different aspect on how the product affects and changes the lives of people. Not just another informational film, but a journey of how the product make a change in the lives of people.
  • ZulekhaHospital Empathy Series TVC – Joy
    Children are the most irritated during the time they are in the lowest of health. Sometimes, reaching out to them is extremely difficult. At Zulekha Hospitals, the love, care and compassion shown reaches out to turn any frowning face to happiness.
  • DM Healthcare Corporate Animation
    Animation created for Global Health conglomerate, explaining all the vertical s of the brand. A fitting corporate animation explaining the brand.
  • Lamb Weston Gulf Food Event Highlight Film
    Lamb Weston Gulf Food event Highlight Film that shows the participation of the company at the event.
  • Brand TVC
    Brand Ad created for an online boutique store, showcasing the convenience and variety on picking up the latest styles in the Indian fashion industry.